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Prostate Cancer UK’s PSA consensus statements and the missing COI declarations

Prostate Cancer UK recently released their “Consensus statements on PSA testing in asymptomatic men in the UK“. The organisation appear to acknowledge that Conflicts of Interest (COIs) are an issue when they note that

This project was funded through charitable funds which were not provided by the pharmaceutical industry or any medical device or treatment company.

However, unfortunately Prostate Cancer UK don’t provide COI declarations for Steering Group members, who had a significant influence on the process through which the consensus statements were arrived at [PDF]. I have asked Prostate Cancer UK for a link to the relevant COI declarations, but they have not shared one.

In the case of this Steering Group, a few minutes of very non-exhaustive research shows that at least one member works at a private clinic that charges for PSA tests. Prostate Cancer UK are therefore failing to disclose information which may be relevant to the interpretation of their consensus statements. This is unfortunate: it is important to disclose any potential COIs, so that readers and users of research can be aware of them.