UKIP cite Europol statement about Romanian gangs as evidence of Romanian criminality. The irony.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage arguesh that people have a right to be concerned if a group of Romanians move in next door. His reason for this is that “Police figures are quite clear that there is a high level of criminality within the Romanian community in Britain.” UKIP cites four tabloid articles (and no other sources) to back up this claim. I’ll take a look at one of them: a Standard article on gangs.

The article is reporting Europol worries about Romanian gangs. Clearly, this does not in itself make it reasonable to be ‘concerned’ about Romanians moving into one’s neighbourhood – even assuming Europol’s worries are well-founded, the great majority of Romanians are not in gangs. It is touching, though, that UKIP now have such faith in a European Union agency like Europol – I’d argue that it’s important to critically assess the arguments made by EU agencies, but maybe UKIP are more in favour of blind trust?

More interesting, though, is that in the same article Europol state their belief that “the threat from Romanian gangs will not rise significantly when restrictions on the type of work Romanians and Bulgarians can do in the UK are lifted in January” 2014. I wonder if UKIP also find Europol convincing on this point?

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