Science Translational Medicine and a non-correction correction

In response to the concerns I raised, Science Translational Medicine have added a competing interests declaration to Ma et al.’s article on Vitamin C and cancer. This article now states that

JD holds an unpaid advisory board position for a grassroots advocacy group, the Alliance for Natural Health-USA. She had previously served as a board member for the American College for Advancement in Medicine. QC holds an unpaid position on an advisory board for the International Society of Integrative Medicine. None of these organizations are connected to the supplement industry

This correction is, however, not flagged as a correction at all. It’s also only visible once you have got through the journal’s paywall. Given the huge publicity that this research got while it was missing this declaration, this is strikingly inadequate.

I will be contacting Science Translational Medicine to ask what’s going on with this, and also query some other aspects of this declaration. However, I wanted to put this up so this statement of competing interests can be accessed outside of the journal’s paywall and so there’s a public note of this correction – both things that, as far as I can tell, Science Translational Medicine have failed to achieve.

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